Hip & Joint Pain

Treatment and Pain Management of Hip and Joint Pain

The hips are engaged in nearly every way we move. Problems in this area can have debilitating consequences for patients. Whether you suffer from arthritis or repetitive stress injuries, hip and joint pain can severely limit your quality of life.

Carlsbad chiropractor Dr. Dahl uses a combination of extremity adjustments and exercise therapy to improve your range of motion and reduce hip and joint pain. He will create a personalized treatment plan to assist you with posture advice, stretching and massage. Dr. Dahl’s treatments aim to reduce inflammation, relax any existing muscle spasms, strengthen weakened muscles, and improve the mobility of the joint.

There are many causes of hip and joint pain, including arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis, and injuries. But whatever the cause, it can be a debilitating condition that Dr. Dahl can help treat and bring you relief.

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Do You Experience Frequent Hip and Joint Pain?

The leading causes of chronic hip and joint pain include:

Adjustment procedures, physical therapy, and rehabilitation exercises are very effective in treating joint disorders. Natural treatments of hip pain can allow patients to avoid the costs and risks of surgery and drugs. Contact Dr. Dahl in Carlsbad to learn more about how he can help you change your life with non-invasive hip pain treatment.

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